The Council of Zoom Podcast Ep. 42: Dead Set

Head to where you can act like a zombie and be among similar people.


Happy Halloween everyone!

In celebration of the spookiest holiday, the Cozpod boys have decided to do something pretty cursed. Covering a miniseries instead of a movie. Brrrrrrr.

Dead Set is a UK zombie series set in and around the fictional events of Channel 4’s Big Brother 9. So naturally, our hosts go on a 40 minute tangent about the semantics of the phrase “Humans are the best animal.”.

05:59 – Dune 2 has been confirmed for an October 2023 release!

06:56 – Timothée Chalamet used to have a youtube channel where he modded XBOX 360 controllers.

09:21 – A trailer for Lightyear dropped and it looks absolutely disgusting.

13:16 – Brendan Fraser has been cast as Firefly in Batgirl.

14:18 – Eternals is getting review bombed because it’s too gay or some nonsense.

22:12 – Ana De Armas is in talks for a John Wick spin-off called Ballerina.

24:53 – Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney is working on a thriller about the Vietnam war.

27:40 – Whatcha Watchin?

35:38 – Dead Set

1:36:04 – Elijah’s Reviews™

As always, a million thanks to @Alipitomijito for our cover art, and @jerryisjustokay for our theme song!

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