The Council of Zoom Podcast Ep.39: The Cabin in the Woods

Head to to tell stories of your own experiences in the woods.

This episode has HUGE spoilers for No Time to Die. Timecodes for that are in the description down below.

Continuing spooky month, the boys head deep into the wilderness, to explore a decrepit cabin full of horrors and secrets; A Cabin in the Woods if you will.

There’s talk of an all manner of spooky monsters, a discussion over what gloves and shoes would be if people had feet for hands and hands for feet, and even a forty-minute-long argument that had to be cut in almost its entirety because it got too spicy too quickly. Typical CoZpod fare.

03:48 – Cillian Murphy has been cast in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer movie

05:30 – Jamie Clayton has been cast in the role of Pinhead for the new Hellraiser movie.

10:39 – No Time to Die has had a $300,000,000 opening weekend.

13:00 – Whatcha Watchin?


16:26 – End of spoilers

44:48 – The Cabin in The Woods

1:26:54 – Elijah’s Reviews!

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