The Council of Zoom Podcast Ep.38: Evil Dead 1 & 2

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Coming to you live from each of their respective fetid cabins, this week the Council of Zoom boys take a look at Sam Raimi’s classics of the horror genre, Evil Dead 1 and Evil Dead 2.

In a surprisingly high-energy episode, the boys cover all their usual side tracks and distractions, while still remaining fairly on-topic, even managing to finish more or less on time. It’s a Halloween miracle.

4:01 – Scarlett Johansson has settled her dispute with Disney for an undisclosed sum.

05:46 – Ridley Scott is looking to make three films in the near future, a Gucci movie, a movie called Kitbag about Napoleon, and then a Gladiator sequel.

08:11 – Konami are making new Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and Castlevania games, and are thankfully outsourcing them.

12:17 – China is banning video games with gay people, effeminate men and moral choices in them.

15:35 – John Benjamin Hickey has joined the cast of Salem’s Lot.

17:00 – There will be a Mr Harrigan’s Phone adaptation for Netflix.

18:35 – Robert Carlyle is saying there’s a Trainspotting tv show in the works.

20:08 – Whatcha Watchin?

40:42 – Evil Dead 1

58:09 – Elijah’s Reviews Pt. 1

1:03:17 – Evil Dead 2

1:18:32 – Elijah’s Reviews Pt. 2

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