The Council of Zoom Podcast Ep.36: Malignant

Head to to shout and swear in a public forum!

In the first Council of Zoom Podcast: After Dark, Krun, Elijah and Grant opted to record at three in the morning GMT. As a result it’s another startling display of technical ineptitude.

Krun’s audacity recording was set to his headset mic, so it sounds like he’s skyping from an arctic research base sometimes. Grant wasn’t even there at the start for about five minutes, and later in the episode, Elijah and Krun max out their mics for a while as they yell at each other about Seattle’s old town. To top it all off they forgot to do Best Bit/Worst Bit at the end. It’s just as inept as the topic movie!

02:15 – Elijah’s Story Time

07:28 – John Challis and Norm Macdonald have sadly passed.

10:43 – There’s a Luther movie in development!

11:59 – Elijah reiterates that the Furiosa movie has been delayed.

13:06 – Warner Bros has told Denis Villenueve that if Dune does well on HBO Max he’ll get a sequel.

17:18 – Christopher Nolan has decided that his next movie will be produced by Universal.

18:15 – Howard Shore is in talks to score the Lord of the Rings show for Amazon.

21:29 – Whatcha Watchin?

34:51 – Malignant

1:15:46 – Elijah’s Reviews

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