The Council of Zoom Podcast Ep.35: Best Movie Villains

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Who better to talk about movie bad guys than a bad movie podcast?

The boys cover their personal best of the worst in today’s episode, and, surprisingly enough, manage to avoid steering off track for the most part. At the cost of remaining on track to a fault and going massively over time!

04:49 – Michael K. Williams has tragically passed.

09:52 – The new Mission Impossible and The Boys season 3 have finished production!

12:09 – The Matrix Resurrections trailer has dropped and it looks pretty good.

18:30 – Disney has confirmed that The Eternals, The Last Duel, The Kings Man and West Side Story will be exclusively in theatres and wont be coming to Disney Plus immediately.

22:18 – The Furiosa prequel has been delayed until 2024.

25:31 – In a startling bit of runtime news, Venom will only be 90 minutes long, but No Time to Die will clock in at 163 whole minutes.

28:26 – Christopher Nolan has apparently selected his next film and it’ll be about Robert Oppenheimer and the creation of the atomic bomb.

33:16 – HBO Max is coming to a variety of B tier European nations, but not the UK.

35:45 – Whatcha Watchin?

58:16 – The Best Movie Villains

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