The Council of Zoom Podcast Ep.33: Ravenous

You might have thought that we’d be covering something sensible like the new Candyman movie, au contraire ma petite cherie, this week we’re diving into the 1999 Robert Carlyle vehicle Ravenous.

Grant raises ethical concerns over eating pigs, Krun has a great idea, and is Elijah actually a wendigo in disguise? Tune in for all these answers and even more questions as usual.

As usual, major spoilers for the title film, as well as for Twelve Minutes and Heavy Rain

04:19 – Tragically, Venom 2 has been delayed.

08:00 – Surprising no one, Anthony McKay has officially signed on to be Captain America in Captain America 4.

12:50 – Anya Taylor-Joy has joined the cast of Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu Remake.

15:12 – A trailer has dropped for The King’s Man, along with cast details.

16:49 – Whatcha Watchin

29:37 – Ed Asner has sadly passed.

38:01 – Ravenous

1:13:27 – Elijah’s Reviews

1:20:25 – Best Bit, Worst Bit

As always, thanks a bunch to @jerryisjustokay and @alpitomijito for our lovely song and art!

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