The Council of Zoom Podcast Ep. 32: The Green Knight

Welcome to ye olde tymes, wereupon thy Councile of Zoome podded cast hath taken it upon therselves to make most careful notation of the moderne production of The Green Knight.

Naturally, there’s extensive discussion of male ejaculate, especially in regard to spilling it on one’s sash. Elijah introduces a new segment, and Grant tells us a second story about spilling his spaghetti on the floor.

02:28 – The sad passing of Sonny Chiba and Sean Lock

03:47 – Cursed_Bebop is real as the first images of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop adaptation are released

05:15 – Criterion have a cover for Citizen Kane, and it’s not very good.

06:52 – Tom Cruise crashed a train in Derbyshire for the new Mission Impossible movie.

15:45 – A trailer for Star Wars: Visions has dropped, and it looks pretty wild.

17:00 – Apparently Scarlett Johansson hasn’t actually settled with Disney, and Elijah simply misreported it.

21:01 – Only fans is banning porn, and a special anouncement from Krun

24:49 – Elijah and Grant share some humerous reviews they’ve found on their travels through the internet/Just Eat

30:40 – Whatcha Watchin

54:52 – The Green Knight

54:30 – Our brand new segment: Elijah’s Reviews, where he finds a selection of top notch reviews from Letterboxd and we mock both them and the people who wrote them.

As always, a thousand of our thanks to both @Jerryisjustokay and @Alpitmijito for our intro music and art respectively!

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