The Council of Zoom Podcast Ep.31: Jungle Cruise

Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got misery and apathy.

The podcast squad has opted to cover the recently released Disney theme park ride tie-in Jungle Cruise this week and let me tell you their responses were mixed. True to form, Elijah resumes his position as defender of the mediocre. Grant plays antagonist as he tears down Elijah’s defenses, piece by piece, and at one point Kieron says “As I recruise” instead of “As I recall”. Wicked wicked Jungle is massif. .

03:30 – Emma Stone has settled out of court with Disney like a coward.

07:21 – Clancey Brown has joined the cast of John Wick 4 (and we do our best Mr Krabs impressions)

10:08 – Taika Watiti has shared what he thinks about his own Star Wars production.

18:16 – Hans Zimmer has released a score to go with the book about the production of the new Dune movie.

20:06 – Rupert Friend, star of the most recent Hitman film, among other things. Has joined the cast of Wes Anderson’s next feature.

24:15 – Brendan Fraser was on tv and got all emotional about the support he’s been receiving. He’s the best.

25:03 – Idris Elba has been cast as Knuckles in the next Sonic the Hedgehog movie, also, what’s wrong with Steven Crowder.

27:33 – Whatcha Watchin (Massive spoilers for Martyrs (2008) and minor spoilers for Underwater (2020)

58:42 – Jungle Cruise

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