Michael Myers (aka The Shape) in Halloween Kills, directed by David Gordon Green

What If The ‘Halloween’ Movies Really WERE All One Continuity?

As Halloween Kills reaches theaters and there is anticipation for the new trilogy conclusion Halloween Ends, a lot has been made of the many resets, reboots, and restarts that the Halloween franchise has had.

The series only got two legitimate canon entries before the third film replaced Michael Myers with a crazed cult leader using masks to turn children into insects. Then came the Jamie Lloyd trilogy of Halloween: The Return of Michael Myers through Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.

Another continuity jump occurred when Halloween H20: 20 Years Later returned to the mostly-forgotten Laurie Strode story, mostly dismissing the events of the Jamie Lloyd trilogy. The Laurie Strode story continued into the first few minutes of Halloween: Resurrection before Strode disappeared again and the series took arguably its worst turn through the rest of the film.

The series went dormant until Rob Zombie brought his signature stamp to the series with a remake of the original and a follow-up that was a wildly different take on the Myers mythos.

And finally, 2018 brought Halloween full circle one more time, bringing Laurie Strode back and dismissing everything that had happened except for the events of the original film.

They’ve hit reset on the franchise more than any other horror series other than possibly The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

But… what if there was a way that all of those many movies really WEREN’T separate lines of continuity? What if they were all part of one larger, more elaborate mega-continuity, and at any point, the creators of the films might reveal how they’re all secretly connected?

Sure, it’s a longshot! But if it were true, here’s one intriguing way that it could all be connected.


Young Michael Myers is outside his house, witnessing his sister having sex with her boyfriend. It all transpires exactly as we suspect, EXCEPT— two shadowy figures loom in the darkness past Michael, watching.

Who is it? We’ll soon find out.

The entire first and second film play out exactly as seen, with Michael stalking Laurie and friends while Loomis stalks Michael. As the second film ends, Michael and Loomis have been set ablaze at Loomis’ hand, dead from the blaze that saved Laurie Strode. 

At this point, one of the shadowy figures that watched Michael from the beginning steps from the darkness to reveal… it is Conal Cochran!

The villain of Halloween III witnessed the death of Michael Myers, and because he knew that Myers was part of a greater plan for world domination, he knew they needed to bring him back. And the only way to do that is with some powerful magical spell. Something like…

The plot of Halloween III: Season of the Witch! Cochran enacts his evil plan, sacrificing children to reignite the magic age of his ancestors. 

Cochran’s plan was partially successful, though he died for his troubles. But sure enough, it brought back Myers from the dead. However, because the plan didn’t go perfectly, Loomis was also resurrected. 

And now we enter into the events of the Jamie Lloyd trilogy, where it is revealed that the other shadowy figure who has been watching Michael since the first film is… Dr. Terence Wynn, Loomis’ co-worker in the asylum where Michael Myers lived!

Now we understand the connection: Wynn was working with Cochran all along, grooming Myers for his role in their cult. Cochran was a member of the Cult of Thorn, and it has all built to the cult using Michael for world domination. 

But as the events of the Jamie Lloyd trilogy make clear, Michael Myers can’t fulfill his power simply by taking out a family member: it has to be Laurie. 

And so we arrive at Halloween: H20, and Myers returns to find the long-hidden Laurie Strode. We all know how that goes, and the adventure continues into Halloween: Resurrection.

But something goes wrong. Michael Myers kills Laurie Strode, then continues on his rampage. But other secret members of the Cult of Thorn realize that Michael is powerful and out of control now that Wynn, Cochran, and even Loomis are all dead. 

They watch Michael supposedly killed by fire at the end of Halloween: Resurrection, but he is not dead and he is unstoppable.

The cult needs a leader and a plan, and they turn to a man named… Dr. Sartain, another doctor turned Thorn Cultist!

Here’s where things get messy. Sartain enacts dark rituals to reset the timeline, to start it all over so the plan will go correctly this time. This is where Zombie’s Halloween movies come into play, as the Cult of Thorn watches events transpire all over again, and yet still Michael cannot win in his battle against Laurie Strode.

Sartain comes to believe that Loomis must be the problem, the fly in the ointment that keeps destroying the Cult of Thorn’s plans for world domination.

So Sartain does the only thing he can think of: enact another ritual to reset the timeline, this time letting everything play out naturally and not manipulating events through the cult. 

His plan? Simply to wait, until Dr. Loomis has died. And that’s exactly what he does. He becomes Myers’ psychiatrist, pretending to treat him and biding his time until Loomis is gone and cannot stop his plan. In all that time, he watches the other members of the Cult of Thorn leave or die, until he is the only one left. 

Finally, Loomis dies, and it is time for Sartain to act. And now begins the events of Halloween (2018). Sartain arranged for Myers to escape, hoping to get him alone and enact the Cult of Thorn ritual and take on the power of Michael Myers. He dresses himself in Michael’s mask, and is about to begin the ritual when Michael kills him. 

Now all bets are off. Sartain, the last member of the Cult of Thorn, is dead, and Michael is once again loose in the world, seeking out the death of Laurie Strode. 

We all know how 2018’s Halloween ended. The real question is, in the last two installments of the Halloween franchise… will Michael Myers succeed in his goal? What will happen to the world if he does kill Laurie Strode? Or are there other secrets that the Cult of Thorn has hidden, plans that will once again change the fate of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode?

And there it is! One elaborate (sometimes VERY overly elaborate) retcon that explains how every installment of the Halloween franchise are all true and canonical entries.

Do you have any crazy theories about this immensely popular franchise? Share them with us!

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