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That Time Robert Pattinson Went to the Circus

Being a celebrity is a dream for many. The fame, fortune and influence over common humans would be grand, sure. That being said, knowing that every vulture in the press and on social media is watching your every move, dissecting your every word, and not willing to ignore your nonsense is a terrifying thought. That’s why most famous people conduct themselves in a safe and professional manner. There are exceptions, of course.

Robert Pattinson’s interviews are a breath of fresh air because he doesn’t care about making an arse of himself. He has no filter and he’s prone to saying some outrageous things that are truly bizarre. But weirdness is Pattinson’s shtick, and his give-no-fucks approach to how he presents himself in the public eye is part of his charm.

The strange things that come out of Pattinson’s mouth have made him a sought after interview subject. He’s a walking pull-quote machine and way more interesting than regular interviewees. As a tribute to his glorious weirdness, let’s discuss that time he went to the circus, which was the moment I began looking up to Pattinson as a hero of sorts.

That Poor Clown

During the press tour for Water for Elephants back in 2011, Robert Pattinson appeared on The Today Show and recalled the first time he ever visited the circus. For most people, a circus is a place of fun and excitement, but Pattinson’s experience was tragic because “one of the clowns died.” When host Matt Lauer pressed him on the matter, Pattinson said the clown’s “little joke car” exploded. The audience ran out of the arena afterwards feeling terrified, and that was the last time the actor ever visited the circus.

In a subsequent interview, Pattinson revealed that the story was a lie. According to the actor, he couldn’t think of an interesting answer to Lauer’s question, so he decided to make up some nonsense in the heat of the moment. Clowns bursting into flames is nothing to laugh at, but hearing such a traumatic story, completely out of the blue, on a popular TV show is the morbid excitement we crave.

Robert Pattinson hasn’t calmed down since then, either. In recent years, he has also joked about refusing to give a dog a tuggy while filming Good Time. In all fairness to The Pat, he’s probably sick of talking about willies given that he’s associated with some of cinema’s most memorable phallic moments. He’s jerked Wee Rab in four movies thus far, and I’m sure he’ll be asked to do so in at least four more.

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