John Boyega in Attack the Block

Joe Cornish and John Boyega Reuniting for ‘Attack the Block’ Sequel

Here’s some cracking news courtesy of the fine folks over at Deadline. A decade after Attack the Block charmed audiences for the first time, the long-awaited sequel is finally moving ahead with Studiocanal, Film4, Complete Fiction Pictures and UpperRoom Productions. Joe Cornish will write and direct the untitled sequel, and John Boyega is set to return as Moses.

Attack the Block saw Moses and his mates thwart off an alien invasion on a London council estate. The story details for the sequel are being kept close to the best at the moment, but Moses and the gang will come up against another extraterrestrial threat. The next instalment will still take place on the streets of London, and Boyega and Cornish are buzzing to return to the world that made them household names.

“It’s been a decade since Attack the Block was released and so much has changed since then,” Boyega said. “I’m excited to see this heightened story return to the streets of London. Moses has remained one of my favourite characters to play and bringing him back is a huge honour.”

Cornish also revealed that viewers can expect a sequel that ups and ante. The first movie mainly takes place in a block of flats, but his comments on the sequel suggest that the film will be even more ambitious. “I can’t wait to work alongside John again, bringing audiences an even bigger slice of inner-city alien action.”

Of course, it remains to be seen if the Attack the Block sequel will be Cornish and Boyega’s priority project right now. As we previously reported, Cornish is also set to adapt Mark Millar’s Starlight and Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. For a filmmaker who took almost a decade to find a sophomore project following Attack the Block, Cornish’s schedule is starting to look pretty stacked. Boyega, meanwhile, is coming off the success of the terrific Small Axe and he will star alongside Robert De Niro in a Formula One drama. But it’s great to know that the Attack the Block sequel is finally gaining traction, and let’s hope it arrives sooner rather than later. We’ve waited 10 years, after all.

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