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Jed Mercurio’s ‘Trigger Point’ Is Gonna Blow Up

When it comes to contemporary creator-actor pairings, there aren’t many who are more exciting than Jed Mercurio and Vicky McClure. Having just delivered six riveting seasons of detectives nailing bent coppers in the BBC’s Line of Duty, the duo will reteam for Trigger Point, a thriller about the trials and tribulations of working in the field of counter-terrorism.

The six-part series, which was penned by Daniel Brierley, will see McClure play officer Lana Washington, a Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal Squad expert who must rid London of explosive devices that threaten to turn the English capital into rubble. The terrorists might be targeting Lana’s unit as well, so that means they’ll be under intensified pressure to crack the case.

Details about the project are being kept close to the vest for now, but McClure has dropped enough clues to get us excited. She recently shared a page of the script and revealed that they’ve had a read-through as the show gets ready to enter production. Furthermore, Trigger Point will give McClure an opportunity to sink her teeth into another riveting project that boasts high-stakes scenarios and nuanced character work.

In a tweet following Trigger Point’s initial announcement, the actor promised “nail-biting” action and a “strong, bright, and troubled” central character. Mercurio’s shows are known for these things already, to be fair. His protagonists are deeply flawed and more interesting for it. And when it comes time to deliver an explosive sequence, you can expect to be on the edge of your seat.

Mercurio is no stranger to the world of bombs. Bodyguard, released in 2018, also deals with the topic of terrorism and features some intense scenes involving explosives. The show opens with the titular bodyguard (Richard Madden) having to contain a suicide bomber on a train, and the finale sees him roaming around London with an explosive device strapped to his own chest. Trigger Point will undoubtedly bring even more of that ticking clock intensity to the table. Prepare to have your socks blown off.

The premise also suggests that Trigger Point will deal with conspiracies and institutionalised corruption. The idea of a mysterious terrorist organisation targeting a unit is somewhat reminiscent of the more shadowy elements of Line of Duty, in which bent coppers operate behind the scenes, protecting organised criminals, crooked politicians, and the higher-ups in law enforcement. This will be a different kind of conspiracy, but it’ll be rooted in mystery, suspense, and danger all the same.

Admittedly, I’m hazarding a guess when I say Trigger Point will explore corruption within the police force. However, the fact it’s another Mercurio series about law enforcement is interesting. He isn’t one to paint any powerful institution as an outright force for good, nor is he one to ignore current events. Policing is a touchy subject at the moment, but Mercurio and the gang have already shown that they can tackle weighty issues with nuance. But corruption is a theme that pervades most of his work, so don’t be surprised if it crops up again here.

It’s exciting to see McClure in another show about a complex character as well. She’s one of the best performers in the UK at the moment, especially when it comes to roles that about flawed individuals. From Lol in This Is England to Kate in Line of Duty, she gravitates towards parts that allow her to explore a myriad of emotions, all the while being sympathetic and easy to root for. A “bright and troubled” character is right up McClure’s street, and it’s a certified guarantee that she’s going to knock Trigger Point out of the park. It can’t come soon enough.

Trigger Point will air on ITV at some point in 2022.

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