Castlevania season 4

‘Castlevania’ Season 4 review: A Thrilling and Satisfying Farewell

Season 4 of Netflix’s Castlevania might be the last, but this final chapter pulls out all the stops to satisfy the fans. Trevor, Alucard, and Sypha return to defend innocents from bloodthirsty night creatures, the final battle with the power-hungry Carmilla approaches, and dark forces seek a way to resurrect Dracula.

From the very first episode, the season hurtles towards its action-packed finale, but also spends time with the characters, exploring their feelings about the events of the series. The first few episodes jump frequently between Trevor and Sypha, Alucard, Isaac, Hector, and Carmilla. The investment in the characters sometimes slows down the story progression (there are so many major players, after all), but it pays off when all of the plot threads come together neatly at the end.

Castlevania season four sticks to all of the things that made the series so good in the first place – from gruesome and unique monster designs to the snarky dialogue. Richard Armitage and James Callis are back at it as Trevor and Alucard, respectively, once again bringing a dry wittiness to their protagonists. The cast has a few new additions, but the standout of the season is Malcolm McDowell as Varney. One of Dracula’s original followers, he leads the effort to resurrect him. While the character is petty and insecure, McDowell delivers his lines well and hearing him work his way through the sweary dialogue is a thing of joy.

As always, the animation itself is drawn beautifully. The landscapes are so detailed and vivid, with realistic lighting that brings the scenes, and the whole world of Castlevania, to life. As easy as it is to admire the scenery, there are far more exciting things going on this season. It is full to the brim with grand battles and bloody duels – both between the main characters and against a wonderful variety of hideous night creatures. The show’s biggest strength is its fight choreography. It doesn’t matter how many battles you witness, each one is completely unique, gory, and exhilarating.

Another strength of the season is that it gives its characters a lot more to do. One disappointing aspect of season three was the fact that Alucard was relegated to a simple plot that had him further secluded from humanity. Thankfully, this is all undone in the new episodes, which see him emerging to help nearby townspeople, where he discovers he’s more human than previously thought. He also gets plenty of opportunities to use his magical sword and plays a central role in the plot to prevent his father’s resurrection. Unfortunately, where some get a larger part, others are stuck in their familiar roles. Carmilla spends all of her time in the castle, and Trevor and Sypha are again required to save a town.

Some of this season’s story might feel familiar, but enough of it is fresh and exciting to be a satisfying conclusion to Castlevania. The battles are thrilling, the monsters are gruesome, and the characters we know and love get the ending they deserve.

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