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The ‘Ancient Aliens’ Film Adaptation Should Embrace the Madness of the Docuseries

Cobra Kai is a blueprint for how to reboot something that’s popular and beloved. The Karate Kid reboot/sequel series contains plenty of throwback nods to satisfy the old fogies like your dad and me. At the same time, the show is modern, hip, and appealing to younger viewers who couldn’t care less about the 1980s. It truly is a wonder that the series exists and I can’t wait for Season 4. Of course, I’m also interested in Ancient Aliens, which is being helmed by Counterbalance, the creative unit behind Cobra Kai.

Much like Cobra Kai, Ancient Aliens is also a fresh take on a familiar story. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is based on the History Channel series of the same name, which examines the history and mythology of UFOs. If you haven’t seen the docuseries, you’re probably familiar with a few of the memes that it’s produced. But I do recommend that you watch the series if you want to know more about the mysteries of the universe. Just don’t accept everything you learn as gospel.

John Heald will direct from a script by Luke Ryan, whose previous forays into science fiction include Martian Child. That movie is about a widowed sci-fi writer who adopts a little Martian lad and gets his groove back as a result. As for Ancient Aliens, details about the plot are as secretive as Area 51 for now. That said, the film promises to be a globe-spanning adventure that will confront the theories and questions raised by the docuseries.

It remains to be seen how much material Heald, Ryan and co. will actually lift from the Ancient Aliens documentaries. It’s possible that they’ll just use the show’s name value to sell their product. Personally, I hope they go all in. Cobra Kai has shown that Counterbalance gets a kick out of finding smart ways to merge the original source material with fresh ideas. Besides, the Ancient Aliens series contains some wild theories that would make for great cinema.

As Smithsonian Magazine pointed out, Ancient Aliens has been criticized for its lack of scientific credibility. That’s me putting it lightly — the show’s naysayers think it’s garbage and an insult to empirical research. I don’t know about you, but when I watch science fiction movies, I want them to be as outlandish as possible. I really hope that the movie leans into some of the wackiest conspiracies proposed by the History Channel’s exploration of the great unknown.

The aforementioned Smithsonian article discusses a theory that details how aliens wiped out the dinosaurs to make way for the human race. That isn’t any more far-fetched than saying that a Biblical deity was responsible, but I digress. But maybe the alien theory would have more weight if Ancient Aliens didn’t connect all of history’s greatest wonders to extraterrestrials. The Bermuda Triangle? Aliens. Deranged Nazi science? Aliens. King Arthur? Aliens. Council of Zoom? You get the idea. Given that Heald and co. have a penchant for comedy, they’ll undoubtedly have a blast tackling some of these ideas in their movie. Bring it on.

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