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‘Shin Kamen Rider’ Will Reimagine the Iconic Japanese Superhero

A Kamen Rider film is coming to theatres in 2023. As Kotaku pointed out, the reimagining will be called Shin Kamen Rider, and it’s being helmed by Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno. The announcement came from a Toei press conference that took place in Japan on Saturday, April 3. 

Little is known about Shin Kamen Rider at the time of this writing, though I imagine that it will retain some of the franchise’s core concepts. The original series told the story of a masked hero who rides a motorcycle and fights a host of monstrous villains. The franchise has since crossed over into various forms of media, though it’s remained quite an obscure entity outside of its homeland.

Anno said that the movie has been in development for over six years, though the Covid-19 nonsense has delayed some of its progress. He also promised that the film will be accessible to those who aren’t familiar with Kamen Rider, but hardcore fans can rest assured knowing that the movie is being overseen by one of their own.

“I got a lot out of the TV show fifty years ago, and fifty years later, I started this project with the feeling that I’d like to return the favour in a small way.”

Of course, Anno is no stranger to reimagining beloved Japanese pop culture dynasties for modern times. He wrote and co-directed 2016’s Shin Godzilla, which reintroduced the kaiju to the screen after Toho saw the success of Legendary’s MonsterVerse in the United States. He will also direct the upcoming Shin Ultraman, in turn, revamping a hero who’s graced the screen since 1966.

Anno is a creator who respects the legacy of these characters, but Shin Godzilla showed that he’s also interested in bringing some of his fresh ideas to the table. While the Godzilla reboot was heavily inspired by Ishiro Honda’s 1954 original, it took some liberties with the monster’s iconic look and featured a political plot that made it relevant to the real-world climate at the time.

It’ll be exciting to see how Anno approaches Shin Kamen Rider. Considering that the franchise has been around since 1971, viewers can expect some surprises. But it sounds as if Anno been itching to make this one for most of his life, and he’s coming from the place of a fan. Plus, almost everything he touches turns to gold. Colour me excited.

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