John Cena as "douchey Captain America" Peacemaker

James Gunn’s ‘Peacemaker’ Was Inspired By Two Forgotten Marvel TV Movies

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad won’t be released until August, but Warner Bros. is clearly banking on the project being a success as a spinoff series for HBO Max is also in the works. Peacemaker will see John Cena play the title character, known casually as the “douchey Captain America.” Given that the Peacemaker character is quite indebted to Marvel’s wholesome hero, it’s unsurprising to learn that Gunn has been mining some of Cap’s previous on-screen incarnations for inspiration.

Gunn recently spoke about The Suicide Squad in an interview with Den of Geek, and he shared some interesting information about Peacemaker as well. During the conversation, he discussed how Peacemaker will be similar to some old-school adventures involving Marvel’s patriotic persona.

“I think that the actual inspiration for Peacemaker was the shitty 1970s Captain America TV shows that I loved when I was a child,” Gunn noted. “And I think Peacemaker exemplifies a lot of things about society that are going on politically, and what people’s beliefs are about America and the world. So being able to tell those stories that are slightly more socially conscious in their essence, but also outlandish, he lends itself to that.”

Gunn is referring to Captain America and Captain America II: Death Too Soon, a pair of made-for-television movies that were released in the 1970s, starring Reb Brown as the beloved hero. While the TV movies didn’t light the world on fire, they deserve some credit for trying to add some nuance to Cap. The films were released in the wake of Watergate and the Vietnam War, so portraying a jingoistic version of the superhero wasn’t preferred.

Peacemaker also seems interested in exploring the darker side of America’s superheroism, but he’s undoubtedly going to embrace the campy aesthetic of the TV movies as well. Most of Gunn’s projects are pitch-black comedies, and the creative freedom offered to him by HBO should give him some wiggle room to get gruesome and weird with Peacemaker.

Gunn also told Den of Geek that Peacemaker will showcase a new side of John Cena. According to the director, audiences haven’t seen the full range of the wrestler’s acting capabilities yet, but that will be rectified when Peacemaker hits the screen in the near future.

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