Nick Damici and Connor Paolo as Mister and Martin in Stake Land

5 Underseen Indie Horror Movies: Vampires Edition

Welcome to Underseen Indie Horror Movies, an ongoing column that celebrates the hidden corners of spooky cinema. This edition focuses on vampires.

The immortal creature that lives on the blood of others, the vampire has been around since nearly 100 years before the advent of film. From Nosferatu to Twilight, is there anything else left to say about these denizens of the dark?

This week’s picks prove there certainly is. From comedy to found footage to the post apocalyptic future, these are not Bram Stoker’s children of the night. Let’s bite into our 5 Underseen Indie Horror Movies: Vampires Edition!

Afflicted (2013)

Directors Cliff Prowse and Derek Lee find a clever way to breathe new life into both the vampire story and the found footage movie with this unique take. 

Two friends on a trip to Europe find themselves dealing with one coming down with a serious illness. The sickness starts changing him for the worse, and it’s a race against time to try and save his life.

Freaks of Nature (2015)

It’s a crazy world when humans, vampires, and zombies have had to learn to coexist in the world, but Freaks of Nature shows us how they’ve all done their best to make it work. 

But one night, there’s a massive disruption in the business as usual when a brand new species of creature shows up to upend the natural order of things, and it’s up to three teenagers to set the world back to “normal.”

Shiver (Eskalofrio) (2008)

A mother moves to a small mountain town because of its lack of direct sunlight due to his severe skin condition and light sensitivity. 

When a series of mysterious attacks happen coinciding with their arrival, the townsfolk look to the new resident, who they suspect may be a vampire.

Stake Land (2010)

The classic post-apocalyptic world seen in zombie and outbreak movies is cleverly repurposed by director Jim Mickle into Stake Land

The movie plays with action and horror tropes in fun ways, has some beautiful photography, and a surprising message about religion, war, and the destructive nature of humanity.

Summer of Blood (2014)

Director/actor Onur Tukel brings quirk and comedy to the vampire mythos with Summer of Blood, playing an ordinary guy who is suddenly a huge hit with the ladies. 

The problem is, it’s because he’s a vampire now. And that means he has to feed on blood or suffer debilitating pain. Tukel’s light direction and comic persona make this one S.O.B. worth spending some time with.

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