15 Shows to Watch If You Love Twin Peaks

15 Shows to Watch If You Love ‘Twin Peaks’

Twin Peaks is one of the most groundbreaking series ever to appear on television, and that statement is not hyperbole. The series was an instant cult hit among genre aficionados, and people have been fans ever since, for numerous reasons. Twin Peaks boasts a compelling central murder mystery, quirky characters, oddball sense of humour, stunning visuals, serialised story and soap opera emotional swings. Plus, the show’s overall sense of weirdness is unlike anything else.

We only got two original seasons of Twin Peaks before it was cancelled in 1992. But as audiences continued to discover it in the years that followed, we were treated to a third, and likely final, season in 2017 with Twin Peaks: The Return. Though we never say never, it is highly unlikely that we will ever get more Twin Peaks. So how do we fill that David Lynch-sized void in our viewing?

It’s impossible to recreate the magic of Twin Peaks, but there are plenty of excellent TV shows out there that align with its bizarre sensibilities. From small-town dramas to cannibalistic capers, David Lynch and Mark Frost’s series inspired a wide array of shows that will appeal to a like-minded audience. With that in mind, let’s count down the best and most recommended TV shows for anyone who’s a fan of the seminal, genre-bending, and influential series.

Featuring shows like The X-Files, Legion, and The Prisoner, all of these series will scratch your itch for more strange, bizarre and entertaining television. Enjoy this video with a nice cuppa coffee and treat yourself to a slice of cherry pie while you’re at it.

Did any of your favourite Twin Peaks-esque shows make the cut? Would you recommend any others? Let us know in the comments below.

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