A Quick Update On What’s Been Happening at Council of Zoom

If you read our website, you might be wondering why we haven’t published a lot of content lately. If you’ve pitched/submitted an article in the last few weeks, you probably haven’t received a response yet. If you’re a member of our freelance contributor email list, you definitely haven’t heard from us. Don’t worry though — we aren’t ignoring you.

I won’t spoil you with the boring details, but the past few weeks have been somewhat of a transitional period for me personally. The short story is this: I had to find a new day job and I’m currently in the process of getting back on my feet. I’m almost there, but it’s been time-consuming and stressful. Capitalism, eh?

During this period of change, my laptop and phone both stopped working as well (they see bad luck comes in threes). Naturally, I had to replace them and they only just arrived this past weekend. My limited time using other people’s technology, while I waited for my own to arrive, was spent getting my life in order again. And since we have received a high volume of pitches, I just haven’t had the time to go through them yet. However, you can expect a response from me in the coming days now that I’m online again.

Now that all of that stuff is out of the way, let’s get into the more important news.

The Freelancer Email List

Many of you have been asking what’s happening with our email list. It’s merely been delayed. Now that I’m back online, you’ll hear from me soon. Everyone who requested to be added has been, and if you’re a writer who wants to be included, you’re always free to email me (kieran@councilofzoom.co.uk) and sign up.

We’re still finalising some ideas, too. Me having to take a step back has interfered with our editorial planning, so we’re reshifting our focus and coming up with ideas that will serve us well in the coming months. Stay tuned! Of course, if you’re on the list and feeling impatient, you’re always welcome to pitch your own ideas.

How to Support Us

Prior to our mini-hiatus, the website experienced some significant growth. We published articles daily and gained some decent traffic in the process. We also got our ads up and running, so expect to see a lot more clickbait being published (I’m kidding). Anyway, we’d like to regain that momentum and keep growing, and we will. That being said, we encourage you, dear reader, to share any articles you like with your mates and tell people about the site. It helps us immensely!

We also have a YouTube channel that’s starting to grow. If you’re interested, check out some videos and give us a subscribe. At the time of this writing, our Babylon 5 video is close to 20,000 views, which is just madness.

Thank You

More than anything, we want to thank everyone who’s shown any interest in our site. Whether you’ve read an article or pitched a story, we genuinely do appreciate you. That’s what makes us want to keep doing this at the end of the day. That also goes for the one guy on YouTube who called us “libtards.” That was pretty funny.

From a personal standpoint, I’m eternally grateful for having such an excellent group of core writers who are also excellent friends. They’ve been incredibly patient and supportive throughout my recent life changes, and I will never forget that. Thank you for putting up with my complaining in Slack. I promise to be less miserable to be around moving forward.

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