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Channel 4 Might Be Rebooting ‘GamesMaster’ With Sir Patrick Stewart

Here’s some interesting news for my fellow ‘90s nerds. VGC is reporting that the classic video games show GamesMaster is being rebooted by Channel 4. Furthermore, it’s scheduled to air in the United Kingdom this year. If you didn’t grow up in the aforementioned decade then this news means nothing to you. But if you’re an avid gamer who enjoys celebrating the culture, you should add this to your radar.

What to Expect from the Reboot

The new iteration will be a “social-first” programme, with episodes slated to air on E4, YouTube, and the broadcaster’s social media channels. The new series will feature five celebrities fighting across three episodes in an effort to win the grand prize.

“They’ll undergo challenges, races and fights in virtual battle across all genres of gaming under the watchful eye of the all-knowing GamesMaster,” Channel 4 said in a pitch sent to advertisers.

“Each week at least one celeb will be eliminated… Over the three episodes, five will become one and the winner will be crowned.

“They’ll play each other at everything from iconic classics to brand new releases. We’ll also be serving tonnes of extra gaming-themed content to our audiences to keep them coming back for more.”

Sir Patrick Stewart might host the new series as well. His image was included with the promotional materials on Channel 4’s website, but his involvement hasn’t been confirmed at the time of this writing.

The Original GamesMaster Was a Groundbreaking Show

GamesMaster aired from 1992 to 1998 in the United Kingdom. The show involved contestants competing against each other in special gaming-centric challenges in a bid to become the GamesMaster Champion. The programme also featured segments in which the latest video game releases were reviewed and promoted.

The festivities, meanwhile, were overseen by the titular GamesMaster, played by Sir Patrick Moore, and host Dominik Diamond. Dexter Fletcher replaced Diamond in the third season, but his appointment wasn’t well-received by fans. The general consensus was that Fletcher was too over-the-top and hyperactive.

GamesMaster was quite groundbreaking for its time, though. Video gaming was a niche market at the time, mostly occupied by children. Tele programmes that focused on them stuck to a rigid review format, and they were bunched in with films and other forms of media. GamesMaster broke down barriers and made gaming the primary focus.

That was all thanks to the efforts of Jane Hewland. The producer became interested in the medium after watching her son play them. She then convinced Channel 4 to take a chance on the experiment and the rest is history.

Audiences ate up the show from the get-go, Per Cultbox, GamesMaster was a ratings smash, enjoyed by millions of viewers across the country. The programme also proved to be fun for the whole family, enjoyed by children and adults alike. In fact, it was arguably instrumental in attracting more mature viewers to the culture.

Video gaming is enjoyed by millions of adults worldwide these days. That means the reboot will likely resonate with fans of all ages once again. It’ll also be nice to see another programme on the airwaves that celebrates the medium. We’ve needed something to fill the void left behind by Dara O’Brien’s Go 8-Bit, after all.

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