‘The Lord of the Rings’ Series Will Explore Middle-earth’s Second Age

The fine folks over at TheOneRing.net have provided some details on what viewers can expect from Amazon’s highly-anticipated The Lord of the Rings series. While the report doesn’t provide a lot of in-depth details, some of the clues are notable enough to start painting a picture in our imaginations.

Previous rumours suggested that the series will focus on a young Aragorn, but the latest development officially crushes that idea. The future king wasn’t even born in the time period that this story takes place. Maybe they’ll tell that tale down the line, but for now, it’s about going way back to what is arguably the most interesting time in Middle-earth’s storied history.

According to the report, the prequel series will take place during the Second Age of Middle-earth, 2000 years before the events of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings stories that have been brought to the screen already. The plot will follow a band of heroes — both familiar and knew — as they contend with the re-emergence of a great evil that threatens to enshroud the world in darkness.

Of course, the evil in question is Sauron. During the Second Age, he went from being Morgoth’s servant to becoming the most fearsome foe in the land, corrupting kings and bringing destruction to great empires. The show will dive into the creation of the 20 Rings of Power and how the Dark Lord sought to use them for his own nefarious purposes.

What’s more exciting is that the show will dive into Sauron’s history some more. In the previous films, he was an omnipresent boogeyman, but he was also a peripheral figure who relied on minions to do his bidding as he didn’t have his full powers. The Second Age, on the other hand, features a full flesh and blood version of the Dark Lord in all his might.

The Misty Mountains, Lindon, and Númenor have also been confirmed as locations that will feature in the show, along with new ones that haven’t been explored yet. The inclusion of the latter kingdom confirms that the series will cover its fall after it goes to war with Sauron. Basically, the Dark Lord perverted its denizens with his evil influence and caused its downfall.

The destruction of Numenor ultimately leads to the great battle between Sauron’s forces and the Last Alliance of Elves and Man. That’s bound to feature in the show at some point too, but it might be a while until the series arrives at that destination.

The Second Age of Middle-earth lasted well over 3000 years, so the showrunners have plenty of history and mythology to mine from. The previous events have been mentioned in passing in the previous movies, but the more long-form format of the series will allow the creators to provide a more thorough on-screen depiction of this world’s substantial history and lore. That’s exciting.

Amazon acquired the television rights for Lord of the Rings for $250m (£183m) in 2017. The series is expected to last for five seasons, with Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Joseph Mawle, Lenny Henry, Peter Mullan and Morfydd Clark leading the cast. The first eight episodes are expected to drop this coming September.

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