Bethesda Announce New ‘Indiana Jones’ Game

Bethesda Softworks‘ Twitter account just dropped the bomb that a new Indiana Jones game in the works.

This comes as something of a surprise, as there hadn’t been a whole lot of talk about this beforehand. So, what can fans expect from this revelation?

Details are quite scant at the moment, as the tweet only really mentions that it will feature an “original story”. What that means is up to the writers, but if it’s anything along the lines of the classic Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis then we’ll be in for a treat. And that may not seem as far fetched as it initially seems…

The game is being developed by Machine Games, in conjunction with Lucasfilm Games. Machine Games has the lofty accolade of being at the helm of the newer series of Wolfenstein titles, and while their most recent outing can only generously be described as sub-par, their previous releases have been lauded for bringing a compelling and fresh narrative to what would otherwise be a run-of-the-mill, if at least entertaining, series of shooters.

To this end, it could very well be possible that we’ll have a modern classic on our hands. And with Lucasfilm Games also proving their chops with the recent Star Wars: Squadrons, it’ll be interesting to see what the two can do in cahoots with one another. It’s also worth mentioning that the notorious Todd Howard is an executive producer on the project. Hopefully, he can bring something besides leather jackets and charisma to the table, but only time will tell on that front.

Regardless of the above, it’s definitely exciting to see a new Indiana Jones game on the horizon. The DOS classics Fate of Atlantis and Last Crusade still hold a firm place in point-and-click academia, and outside of the naturally solid Lego titles, Indie only really saw action in 1999’s Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, as well as 2003’s Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb. But I’d be lying if I said I’d known of their existence prior to googling “Indiana Jones Video Games” for this article. Either way, there’s definitely a lot of solid evidence for the Indiana Jones name having some serious gaming potential. It’ll be interesting to see whether Machine Games and Lucasfilm Games can whip up some adventuring magic.