‘The Batman’ Trailer Has Been Recreated with LEGO and It’s Impressive

Matt ReevesThe Batman is a highly anticipated movie around these parts. That said, while a new live-action Batman blockbuster from one of Hollywood’s most exciting directors is exciting, there’s an audience out there that craves more LEGO movies. The good news is that some folks out there put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that viewers get the best of both worlds.

Following the release of The Batman’s live-action trailer back in August, 14 animators — Joebor1777, Locker 74 Productions, Brickfilm HQ, Loneclone Productions, thebrickranger, jmbrickstudios, AJF Studios, Radvisuals, Paradox Pictures, Leviathan Studios, Future Past Productions, gotvideofilms, eggyolk2002, Dudebrick, and AKPstudios — teamed up and recreated the footage scene-for-scene. Using LEGO. The results are incredible.

Check it out.

The animation speaks for itself. This could easily pass for a legitimate Warner Bros. LEGO Batman movie. I really hope the studio takes note and offers these creators an opportunity to helm a film in this universe down the line. This combination of fandom and undeniable talent makes them ideal candidates to helm an animated feature about The Dark Knight.

I really love how they captured the vibe of the original trailer. In lesser hands, this could have been a humorous take on Reeve’s vision. LEGO is inherently funny, after all. However, in this case, it doesn’t take long to forget that we’re essentially watching children’s toys come to life on the screen. It pulls you in.

As noted by Collider, this isn’t the first LEGO makeover of a popular trailer to hit the web in recent times. Creators have done the same for The Mandalorian and other known pop-culture properties.

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