What’s Next for the Cast of ‘Supernatural’

Supernatural is over and the cast will soon move on to new adventures. Over the course of 15 seasons, fans have grown to associate these performers with their characters. That’s not only a testament to their abilities, but some of them have been involved in the show for so long that it’s difficult to imagine them in anything else.

Of course, the end of an era means the dawn of a new one. While it’s sad to say goodbye to this group of hunters, demons, angels, and gods, it’s exciting to see where the actors that play them end up next. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of their upcoming projects.

Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester)

Ackles’ next small-screen venture will see him star in some edgier fare. The actor is set to re-team with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke for the third season of Amazon’s The Boys, playing the role of Soldier Boy (not to be confused with the rapper). The character is “the original superhero” and a mainstay of American pop culture in the show’s universe.

This is a good part for Ackles. Let’s not forget that he was considered for the Captain America role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before it went to Chris Evans. Soldier Boy is a similar type of throwback American superhero to Cap, though he’s much more jingoistic. Unlike some of his superpowered counterparts in the comics and the Amazon adaptation, he resists engaging in depravity. But he does wet himself, so…

Elsewhere, Ackles hasn’t ruled out a return to the Supernatural universe. In a recent interview with the Inside of You Podcast with Micheal Rosenbaum (via Syfy), he talked about possibly returning to the show in a few years for a miniseries.

Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester)

Padalecki is heading to Texas next, as he’s playing the lead role in Walker. The series is a reboot of the long-running Chuck Norris vehicle Walker, Texas Ranger and it will air on The CW on January 21, 2021. Padalecki’s titular ranger will be tasked with fighting crime in the Lone Star State, while also trying to reconnect with his children and getting to the bottom of the mystery behind his wife’s death. He’ll probably look dashing in a cowboy hat as well.

Walker should cater to Padalecki’s sensibilities. Supernatural proved that he has some serious chops when it comes to action and drama. His character will also have a partner in Walker, though it remains to be seen if they’ll have the same chemistry as Sam and Dean.

Misha Collins (Castiel)

Collins appears to be taking a well-earned vacation. As of this writing, he has a small role in an unnamed Amazon movie coming up. That said, Collins is a busy man outside of acting having recently enjoyed some success as a writer. He published a cookbook that he co-wrote with his wife, Vicki Collins, which sold very well. Maybe he’ll spend more time in the kitchen or behind the typewriter moving forward. But it’s surely only a matter of time until he’s on the screen again.

Alexander Calvert (Jack Kline/Belphegor)

Calvert has a free upcoming slate at the moment. Of course, he’s also a performer who keeps tight-lipped about his plans until they’re set in motion. In an interview with Boys By Girls, he revealed that he has some exciting projects in the works, but he won’t say what they are in case they fall through.

Calvert loves playing dark and morally grey characters. Whatever he stars in next, we can rest assured knowing that he won’t be some clean-cut goody two-shoes. In the aforementioned interview, he talked about how he gravitates towards roles that explore the shadowy and sadistic reaches of the human psyche. He’s good at them, too.

Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer)

Beaver always has a new project in the works, and his post-Supernatural career will be no different. Following their last collaboration with Crimson Peak, the veteran will be part of director Guillermo del Toro‘s Nightmare Alley cast.

Beaver’s character is a sheriff in the remake of the noir-horror classic, which is the type of role that the plays with ease. He’s played law enforcement officers and tough guys throughout his career, after all.

DJ Qualls (Garth Fitzgerald IV)

Qualls is also keeping quiet about his future plans, though he did recently join Cameo and that’s a great platform for celebrities to connect with their fans while the world falls apart. I hope Qualls’ next project gives him a starring role, though. He’s an excellent talent who should have been a huge leading man after The New Guy. But seeing him appear in Supernatural has been highly enjoyable and it’s surely only a matter of time until he’s in another awesome series.

Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer)

Pellegrino’s next project is a fish out of water comedy called Strangers in a Strange Land. The film is an anthology made up of 12 shorts, and it’s directed by his wife, Tracy Pellegrino.

After that, he’ll star in Rust, a TV drama about a small Rust Belt town. The show is based on Philipp Meyer’s American Rust novel. The story chronicles a compromised police officer (Jeff Daniels) who faces a predicament when the son of a loved one gets accused of murder. Pellegrino plays one of the townsfolk.

Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley/God)

Benedict has a supporting role in Violet, a movie about a film development executive and the voice inside her head. He’s also been confirmed for an episode of On the Verge, an upcoming show about women in their forties. And in keeping with the hellish fare, he’ll also guest star in the next season of Lucifer.

Emily Swallow (Amara/The Darkness)

Swallow has landed regular roles in The Mandalorian and SEAL Team outside of Supernatural. The actor isn’t ready to give up ghosts quite yet, though. She has a starring role in Haunting of Mary Celeste, which hit VOD in the United States and Canada last month. The film explores the mystery behind a ghost ship. The UK released date has yet to be confirmed.

Osric Chau (Kevin Tran)

Chau’s upcoming schedule is absolutely stacked. He’s also selected a diverse range of movie roles. Champagne Supreme is a drama about a boy with an Asian-American heritage who develops a passion for playing the bagpipes.

Circle of Bones, meanwhile, is about Filipino police officers investigating a cult conspiracy that involves children being used as blood sacrifices. Superhost will also see Chau team up with Gracie Gillam and the legendary Barbara Crampton for a horror movie about travel vloggers.

Thicker is a TV movie about a group of deviants who find themselves in pursuit of the same goal. Little is known about the plot for now, but it will see Chau apply his skills to the crime genre. He also has a short called The Bathroom Cabinet in the works, which is currently rooted in mystery.

Heroes of the Golden Mask will see the actor lend his voice talents to an animated fantasy-adventure about a boy who gets transported to an ancient Chinese kingdom. Upon arrival, the kid unites with a group of superheroes to protect the city from a conqueror.

Similarly, Skate God is a fantasy about a young skateboarder in a dystopian future who must battle with the denizens of an old, fallen society. Luckily for the skater, he’s the descendant of a Greek deity.

Finally, ZAPS, Inc will see Chau return to the small screen for a series about regular people trying to contend with corrupt elites during a zombie apocalypse.

Ruth Connell (Rowena MacLeod)

Connell will also continue exploring fantastical fare in the coming months. Her next project is a movie called Hexengeddon, which revolves around witches who declare war against humanity. This brings them into conflict with a loudmouth president, bigots, and other no-good chumps. You can track the film’s progress here.

Shoshannah Stern (Eileen Leahy)

The actress who played Eileen will be seen in The Magnificent Meyerson’s, which is quite a secretive project for now. Director Evan Oppenheimer describes the film as “the story of one remarkable family on an ordinary day in New York City.” The film also stars Richard Kind, Lauren Ridloff and Kate Mulgrew.

Stern might also feature in more episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. She debuted in the medical drama earlier this year, making history by portraying the first deaf doctor in the show’s history.

Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills)

The end of Supernatural means no more Jody Mills. This is unfortunate. It was only a couple of years ago that she almost got her own spinoff series, titled Wayward Sisters. Rhodes hasn’t announced any upcoming movies or shows. But let’s pray that The CW decides to resurrect her Supernatural offshoot.

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