Seven of the Most Outrageous Kills from ‘Friday the 13th’ Comics

Friday the 13th is a cornerstone of modern horror. Even if the lawsuit holding up the rights prevents a new movie from going into production any time soon, the recent video game reintroduced Jason to the mainstream in a huge way. He’s a household name, or at least he used to be. There was a time not too long ago when Freddy and Jason felt like the McDonald’s and Burger King of horror. They were everywhere. And that success leads to a lot of things. Merchandise of all shapes and sizes, a television series, several novels, both for adult and younger readers alike. And a whole lot of comics, too. Things like this are always among my favorite parts of loving the things I love. I adore the idea that while we always think of Star Wars and Star Trek novels, there are way, way more tie-ins out there than people realize. 

I, for one, love the Friday the 13th expanded universe, as wild and often stupid as it might be. There are five Jason X novels and three comic books, just based on that one movie, and I could not be happier about that. From 1993 to 2010, there have been over 40 issues of Jason comics, from publishers including Topps, Avatar and Wildstorm. Some of them are really good, especially a few of the Wildstorm comics like Pamela’s Tale, How I Spent My Summer Vacation and Bad Land. Some of them are totally off the rails. But they all try and deliver on exactly what you expect out of Friday the 13th: gruesome and absurdly over-the-top kills. That is, after all, what Jason does best. And it’s great to see what his vengeful, rotted imagination can do when he’s not hindered by budgetary limitations. 

With that in mind, here are some of the most outrageous kills from the long history of Friday the 13th comics. 

Jason Takes Out Soldiers With a Machine Gun in Friday the 13th: Fearbook 

To be clear, Jason doesn’t just pick up a machine gun and start taking people out, as that would be a little off book for him. In this comic, like most of the Avatar comics, Jason is being pursued by heavily armed soldiers and he’s just truly having none of that. When cornered, he grabs one of the soldiers unloading on him and simply spins him around, aiming the soldier’s own arm to fire wildly into the crowd. It’s a pretty surprising moment, but one that manages to not feel too out-of-character. 

Jason Impales Christmas Carolers With a “No Trespassing” Sign in Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash 

The first Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash comic book series was based on the original treatment for the movie that tragically never happened. The second series, Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: Nightmare Warriors, was absolutely bonkers. But this first series manages to go nuts while also being relatively restrained, to feel like a movie that could actually exist. It’s a direct continuation from Freddy vs. Jason, delivers on a great three-way fight, gives us the snowbound Friday the 13th we’ve always wanted and, best of all, has some truly wild kills for Jason. If you’re going to do a Christmas-set Crystal Lake adventure, taking out a group of carolers is a no-brainer. And with Jason’s whole “stay out of my camp” attitude, it’s amazing that this is the first time he’s ever used a “Do Not Enter” sign to do the deed.

Friday the 13th comic

UberJason Kills a Couple With an Entire Tree in Jason X Special

This might actually be my favorite kill out of all of them simply because of the sheer absurdity. So, at the end of Jason X, UberJason winds up falling to Earth-2 and landing in a lake, as two horny space teens mistake the event for a shooting star and decide to go check it out, seemingly beginning the whole cycle all over again. You know that couple is going to die, but you don’t know how. Well, this comic provides the best possible answer. The teens start screwing up against a tree and UberJason just hits them with another tree, picking up an entire redwood and throwing it at them with such amazing speed and force that they just splatter, their limbs flying to and fro. 

Friday the 13th comic

Jason Turns an Old Man into Hamburger in Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash 

If you’re doing a Christmas Friday the 13th, another important thing you need is for Jason to embark on a holiday shopping spree. When Ash is introduced into the mix, it only makes sense to also introduce Crystal Lake’s local S-Mart. When Jason crashes the store, the ensuing chaos makes for several great murder set pieces. He really gets down to business. But easily the best of them is this moment, in which he lifts a shopping cart over his head and brings it down with incredible force to turn a poor, hapless shopper into ground meat.

Jason Drops a Helicopter on Someone in Friday the 13th Special 

In Avatar’s Friday the 13th Special, which was a one-shot that essentially served as a pilot for their further comics, Jason kills someone by literally dropping a helicopter on them. The target is the owner of a resort being built on the Crystal Lake property—which we saw in Freddy vs. Jason—and the whole scene takes that movie’s “Jason’s afraid of water” line a bit too literally. The downside of this otherwise great kill is that it hinges on Jason not being able to enter the water. Here’s how it plays out: her helicopter crashes into the tree, she might be screwed, but she realizes that Jason can’t actually step a foot into the lake to get her, so she naturally starts bragging about it. Jason solves this by throwing the machete to sever the branch holding the helicopter and dropping it down to chop her into itty bitty little pieces, my friends.

Jason Pulls Out His Own Brain in Jason vs. Jason X 

Yes, Friday the 13th: Jason vs. Jason X is a comic that exists, because Jason just can’t stop fighting, even with himself. It might be natural to think this fight could be made possible through time travel, but the actual plot is blissfully more convoluted than that. Jason’s body turns out to basically be cloned and/or regenerated amidst the events of Jason X, so the “Jason” of this matchup is actually more of a duplicate, and the UberJason (Jason X) is still the real deal. Either way, Jason vs. his souped-up cyborg self is not an even match and UberJason wipes the floor with himself, tearing into Jason’s face with one hand and removing his brain to add it to his own. Which is good, I support Jason’s interest in learning, whatever form it takes.

Jason Makes a Soldier Poop His Own Head in Friday the 13th Special 

I really don’t know how else to say it. In Avatar’s Friday the 13th Special, Jason is attacked by a military team that he quickly takes care of, many of them in some pretty extreme ways. This one soldier stands out the most, as Jason plays whack-a-mole with some devastating results. He slams his fist down onto the soldier’s head with such incredible force that it is driven right down through his entire body and shoots out of his butt. And I, for one, am grateful for it.

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