Gerard Butler Will Shoot More Terrorists In ‘Night Has Fallen’

Gerard Butler is one of Scotland’s finest exports. He’s also the face of jingoistic American action thanks to the Olympus Has Fallen franchise. Throughout the course of three films, Butler’s Mike Banning has blasted through Russians and jihadis while unleashing some offensive one-liners in the process. All in the name of ‘Murica. The films certainly won’t bolster international relations, but they’re so bloody entertaining that I’m willing to bet even Vladamir Putin enjoys them on a visceral level.

Regardless of one’s political perspective, all three movies have made some serious bank and that’s all Hollywood cares about. There’s an audience for Banning’s brand of politically incorrect bloodletting. That’s why I’m happy to report that he’s returning for another mission. According to Deadline, Butler will re-team with director Ric Roman Waugh for another sequel titled Night Has Fallen.

The script comes courtesy of Robert Mark Kamen, who penned the previous outing Angel Has Fallen. His other writing credits include The Fugitive, Taken, Gladiator and The Karate Kid, in case you were wondering. Kamen is a fella with some respectable action pedigree and he knows what aficionados want to see. Expect a violent good time at the movies with Night Has Fallen.

The plot details are being kept close to the vest for now, but who really needs a plot? That said, as Empire pointed out, the title suggests that the story will involve an attack on the United States’ power systems. Could some foreign hackers get up to no good? Change your email passwords.

Of course, we’re here to watch Butler protect presidents and gleefully blast through the poor saps who stand in the way of freedom. At the same time, the films do boast some character development that will undoubtedly be explored further in Night Has Fallen.

In the last film, Banning reconnected with his father (played by Nick Nolte) and struggled to keep the lid on his PTSD. Those elements will likely feature in Night Has Fallen to some degree. Given that Nolte stole the show in the previous adventure, we might get to see him and Butler team up again to hunt down some bad guys in the next one. It should be a buddy movie with a patriotic and dysfunctional father-son pairing at the heart of it all.

Angel Has Fallen ended with Banning moving into an executive role as the Director of the Secret Service. However, I’d be willing to bet money that office work doesn’t agree with him and he’ll oversee the next mission personally. But maybe he’ll have some new agents to help him out now that he’s the figurehead of a governmental organisation? Only if the president insists, mind you.

The series certainly doesn’t shy away from action movie cliches, so Night Has Fallen will probably stick to what it knows. It’s time for the old man Banning movie now. Make him an ageing hero who finds ways to overcome the odds, even though he’s no spring chicken any more. I’m just speculating now, but I’m excited dammit.

Night Has Fallen won’t be Banning’s final outing by any means, though. There are plans in place for more films and television projects afterwards. The future looks bright for gung-ho, jingoistic action that some people will deem socially and politically irresponsible.

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